Dogs In Spirit

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Dogs In Spirit

  1. Elijah's Chants
  2. Sea Monsters
  3. Where Are You David
  4. The Drainout (feat. Erik Truffaz)
  5. Siren
  6. The Passion
  7. Queen Of Sound
  8. King Of The Dogs
  9. Joanna
  10. Since I met You My Peace Is Gone
  11. In the Devils Camp
  12. Fire Over The Forbidden Mountain
  13. A Sun Shines On Aimu00e9e


Side A:

  1. Elijah's Chant
  2. Sea Monsters
  3. The Drainout (feat. Erik Truffaz)
  4. Joanna

Side B:

  1. King Of The Dogs
  2. The Passion
  3. Your Lover
  4. Since I Met You My Peace Is Gone

Side C:

  1. Fire Over The Forbidden Mountain
  2. Queen Of Sound
  3. In The Devil's Camp

Side D:

  1. Where Are You David
  2. Siren
  3. Holy Mother (bonus track)
  4. A Sun Shines On Aimu00e9e

Dogs in Spirit

by Anna Aaron

Release date
19 Aug 2011
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