XX Years 1985 - 2005

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{"id":80,"name":"XX Years 1985 - 2005","catalog_id":"PIASB 100 CDX","release_date":"2005-11-10","release_date_formated":"10 Nov 2005","description":"","is_sold_out":0,"store_id":"83-xx-years-1985-2005","store_artist_id":"258-xx-years-1985-2005","bandcamp_id":"0","supports":["CD"],"content":{"CD":[{"name":"BEST-OF","tracks":["Secret","Lucidogen","Skinflowers (Video Edit)","Gasoline Man","Kissing the Sun","Did You Miss Me","Envoy\u00e9!","Fais la Mouette","September Song","L'Eau Rouge","L'Amourir","Pas Mal","Charlotte","Our House","Astronomic","Gardez les Esprits","Toi du Monde (Edit)","Child in the Tree","Donnez les Esprits","Alabama Song"]},{"name":"REMIXES & RARITIES","tracks":["Gasoline Man (Megadrive Mix)","Astronomic (Astronomix Evil C, edit)","Skinflowers (Brainforest Mix by F. Treichler)","In the Otherland (Lithos Mix by B. Trontin)","Child in the Tree (String Arrangment Demo by F. Rody)","Drun (Heaven Deconstruction by TYG Album Version)","Supersonic (Dub Mix by F. Treichler)","Requiem pour un Con (Serge Gainsbourg Cover by F. Treichler)","Astronomic (Version 2, edit by V. H\u00e4nni)","The End (The Doors, Live Cover by TYG)","Supersonic (Al Mix by A. Monod)","Kissing the Sun (Dub the Sun Mix by Mad Professor)","The Sound in your Eyes (Naive Mix by B. Trontin)","Astronomic (AS_Float MIx, edit by V. H\u00e4nni )","Iwasi (Music For Artificial Clouds by TYG Album Version)"]}]},"cover_url":{"full":"\/\/www.twogentlemen.net\/image\/xx-years-1985-2005-cover_097be2.jpg","thumb":"\/\/www.twogentlemen.net\/image\/xx-years-1985-2005-cover_097be2_thumb.jpg","small":"\/\/www.twogentlemen.net\/image\/xx-years-1985-2005-cover_097be2_small.jpg","medium":"\/\/www.twogentlemen.net\/image\/xx-years-1985-2005-cover_097be2_medium.jpg","large":"\/\/www.twogentlemen.net\/image\/xx-years-1985-2005-cover_097be2_large.jpg"},"banner_url":null,"band_id":190,"band_name":"The Young Gods","band_label":"Two Gentlemen \/ Irascible","videos":[]}
XX Years 1985 - 2005


  1. Secret
  2. Lucidogen
  3. Skinflowers (Video Edit)
  4. Gasoline Man
  5. Kissing the Sun
  6. Did You Miss Me
  7. Envoyé!
  8. Fais la Mouette
  9. September Song
  10. L'Eau Rouge
  11. L'Amourir
  12. Pas Mal
  13. Charlotte
  14. Our House
  15. Astronomic
  16. Gardez les Esprits
  17. Toi du Monde (Edit)
  18. Child in the Tree
  19. Donnez les Esprits
  20. Alabama Song


  1. Gasoline Man (Megadrive Mix)
  2. Astronomic (Astronomix Evil C, edit)
  3. Skinflowers (Brainforest Mix by F. Treichler)
  4. In the Otherland (Lithos Mix by B. Trontin)
  5. Child in the Tree (String Arrangment Demo by F. Rody)
  6. Drun (Heaven Deconstruction by TYG Album Version)
  7. Supersonic (Dub Mix by F. Treichler)
  8. Requiem pour un Con (Serge Gainsbourg Cover by F. Treichler)
  9. Astronomic (Version 2, edit by V. Hänni)
  10. The End (The Doors, Live Cover by TYG)
  11. Supersonic (Al Mix by A. Monod)
  12. Kissing the Sun (Dub the Sun Mix by Mad Professor)
  13. The Sound in your Eyes (Naive Mix by B. Trontin)
  14. Astronomic (AS_Float MIx, edit by V. Hänni )
  15. Iwasi (Music For Artificial Clouds by TYG Album Version)