Take Me Home Remixes

Take Me Home Remixes
feat. Kid Chocolat, Aster OH, Dunlop, Dirty Throat, Les Poissons Autistes, Trivial Kid, Opak, Quasimix, Seychal-Mills, Consor & Paramotion.

  1. Infinite Battle (Kid Chocolat Remix)
  2. Someone Somewhere (Vocoder Mix)
  3. Round In the SKY (Risky Remix)
  4. Autochrome (Full Colour Mix)
  5. Majestical Love (Dirty Throat Remix)
  6. Who's To Play The Game (Nothing Matters Anymore Remix)
  7. Celesta /Trivial Kid Remix)
  8. Vertical Lines (Horizontal Remix)
  9. Score (Lunatic Mix)
  10. Starchild (Seychal-Mills Remix)
  11. ...and it makes me sad (Wounded Remix)
  12. The Rain (State of a King Remix)