Accidental Still Life EP

Accidental Still Life EP
  1. Passing Through
  2. Accidental Still Life
  3. Hospital Stay

Accidental Still Life

by Stewart Walker

Release date : May 9, 2014
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Accidental Still Life

Stewart Walker

     After a five year hiatus, Stewart Walker returns with the Accidental Still Life EP, a meditation on transience and the Sufi's story that “this too shall pass.” Taken together, the three tracks present an autumnal vision, like the crunch of fallen leaves underfoot, breath visible in the cold dawn, and sunlight streaming through an orangered canopy of trees.

     Passing Through presents a bubbly dub confection, knitting together a variety of analog and digital background noises over a tight glitchy beat and culminating in a reflective chord progression of distant pianos.

     On Accidental Still Life, Stewartcombines live recordings of German zithers and Japanese kotos into an epic narration with his finely-tuned techno storytelling.

     Hospital Stay sounds like an homage to vintage melancholic 4AD phased pianos whether by Simon Raymonde or Harold Budd, over a simple deep house bass and drums backbone.