* Taken from the album "On the Shoreline".

Produced and mixed by John Parish at Wavelab Studio Tucson AZ, November 2003.

Engineered by Craig Schumacher and Nick Luca.

Mastered by JJ Golden at John Golden Mastering.


** Previously unreleased, outtake from the album "Take Me Home".

Recorded and mixed by Soft at Bellefontaine Studio, Lausanne, July 2001.


*** Taken from the album "ich möchte ein eicher sein".

Recorded and mixed by Magicrays at Pierrefleur "Rehearsing room", Lausanne.

  1. Black (radio edit) *
  2. Nowhere Fast **
  3. La Chanson Bleue ***
  4. Pictures of You ****
  5. Where Shade Sparks (acoustic) *****
  6. Black (acoustic) *****
  7. Parallel (cd-rom video) ******